May 2015

Latest IT Security News and Alerts of the Week


Estimated reading time: 2 minutes hacked, data leaked online About 4 million users of the dating site Adult Friend Finder has been leaked online following a hack. The leaked data include 3.6 million email addresses, sexual orientations, zip codes and other sensitive data that users have provided to the site. Read more about this...

Quikr Scam Alert: Beware of the Distance Buyer’s Scam

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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Online classifieds like Quikr, OLX and others are very convenient marketplaces for buying and selling all kinds of items. These portals are especially effective if you are looking to sell off consumer electronic goods like smartphones and more. However, we would like to share with our users an example of...

Logjam Vulnerability: Why You Need to Upgrade Your Browsers


Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Another new SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) vulnerability has come to light in the last few hours and your home computers and office workstations could be at risk. If you are familiar with the Heartbleed and FREAK attacks from the last few months, then you would know that such kind of...

Internet Banking Faces Increased Risks Due to Mobile Banking Apps


Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The growth in smartphone adoption has led to many financial institutions launching their mobile apps for customers who want the convenience of 24-hour, anytime/anywhere banking. As per RBI records, of the 589 million bank account holders, over 22 million customers use mobile banking apps. You, too, probably no longer visit...

Lost Your Android Phone? Google its Location to find it


Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Have you ever experienced the stress that comes with a lost /stolen phone and wondered if there was a simple yet effective way to track your smartphone? Google now has a solution for you, and it is as simple as it gets. If you wish to pinpoint the exact location...